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Meet My All Time Favorite People

Hi all - Dani here!

I try really hard to pasted my face all of my social media, but sometimes that takes the backseat! I wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to the people who make up my whole heart!

MY DAD - Dan the man

My dad retired from the Air Force after 28 years + just recently got promoted to the CAPTAIN seat for American Airlines. AKA, a total badass. I give him full credit for my music taste, my sense of humor, + my ability to love.

Here are my favorite memories with him:

1. Singing Butterfly kisses to you at age three + then finally dancing to it on my wedding day

2. Singing every single song at the 38 Special concert

3. Straight up just laughing together

4. Him showing me the picture he framed for their new basement, he was so proud I thought my heart might explode

5. Our date nights when he'd come visit me in Lincoln

6. Getting to be your daughter

MY MOM - Merl

My best friend in the whole entire world, truly. I don't know any different, but I would be so lost without her + everything she's given me. She gets all the credit for my ability to drink wine like a champ, speak my mind + emotions, + my ability to support + love.

1. Playing on your only undefeated volleyball team

2. Drinking the heck out of wine + Prosecco

3. Every single phone call when I was away at college


5. Secretly videotaping you while you die laughing or while you're singing/dancing

6. Being your daughter

MY BROTHER - Dewey +/or Thor

Getting to watch his dreams become a reality has been one of the highlights of my life. On my birthday this year, I found out that my little brother made the 53 man roster for the Jacksonville Jaguars. That was probably the proudest I've ever felt in my WHOLE LIFE. Not to mention our relationship moving to a best friendship.

1. Laughing at Vlad with you while we play Quelf

2. Watching you play against the Broncos + getting to sit right behind your bench

3. Headbanging with you

4. Being drunk with you at a bar because you can't stop hugging me

5. Every random Facetime call

6. Getting to be your sister


AKA, Vlad

You're my whole world. We are coming up on our TEN YEAR anniversary. We've gotten to go through every walk of life together + it's my favorite thing in the whole world. We started this lifelong journey at the age of 15, we didn't know it then but here we are ten years later with our own house, three fur babies, + so much love for each other!!!!!!!

Here's to forever

Also, every memory is my favorite memory. It would take 100 blog posts to put it into words

Taken by Jessica Cooke Photography, edited by Dani Faulkenberry Photography

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