Your story is worth telling

Let me show you how it looks from behind my lens

It's one in a million


About Me

Wife + Cat Mama + Dog Mama + Lover of all things Olive Green


Photographing humans during the most important moments of their life makes my heart sing.


My name is Dani, just Dani, + here's what you need to know about me!

I live for telling stories + capturing raw moments in time through photographs. I am a TOTAL sap for love - I remember the first wedding I ever shot on my own. I was gearing up for the bride to walk down the aisle when the DJ starts playing the song I walked down the aisle to. I was SOBBING. Right then + there I knew I wanted to capture these moments forever. Give couple's photos that move them in the same way that song moved me.


I married my middle school sweetheart - he is my best friend in the whole world. We have three fur babies who I am severely obsessed + attached to. Oliver, Bentley, + Miley. Meow, meow, woof.

ODESZA completely rules our life, so much so that we got matching tattoos to commemorate our love for them + their music. I do have a secret identity - total rave babe. Other than photography, going to festivals + concerts at Red Rocks is my favorite hobby, ever.

I'm an alumni of The University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Your go-to person for any + all Office quotes.

Shark week is my favorite week of all the weeks.

I drink way too much Prosecco.


Thank's all for now! I cannot wait to work with you

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